Siso Ceramic Dosa Tawa (28cm) with Bamboo Kitchen Tool Set 5 Pcs

₹1,150.00 ₹699.00

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  • Ceramic Non Stick Coating- Ceramic coating has the advantage of being a coating which can be used for cooking with less oil which appeals to the health conscious consumers.
  • Ceramic cookware is easy to clean and can be heated to fairly high temperatures so food can cook evenly and fast
  • Aesthetic Design and Colour Co-ordinated soft touch Handles ,flame guard and knobs
  • Metal Spoon Friendly
  • Ceramic coating is free from PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)
  • Ceramic coating has certification from authorities of being bio ceramic PFOA and PTFE free
  • Bamboo Kitchen Tool Set 5 Pcs

Product Description

Siso Ceramic Dosa Tawa optimizes heat distribution and improves resistance of bottom to any deformation. It comes with non stick ceramic coating for less oil consumption. Ergonomically designed stay-cool Bakelite handles make the kitchenware even more convenient, safe and simple to use. Bakelite is a heatproof material with temperature resistance up to 180°C. Easy to handle, heat resistant white non-metallic knobs give more comfort and easiness. HEAT -PROF GLAS LIDS WITH STEAM HOLE AND STAINLESS STEL RIM Lids of Siso collection are made of tempered glass showing extremely high resistance to thermal shocks and high temperatures. They are equipped with steam holes and stainless steel rims preventing glass chipping.Add to that it’s metal spoon-friendly and extremely durable body makes it perfect for every kitchen. Say hello to ceramic cooking.


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